'Dresden - a wonderful city, full of art and history but still not a museum lived-in accidentally by Dresden's inhabitants. The past and the present live together in harmony. Or I should rather say polyphony. And together with its surroundings, with the Elbe, the bridges, the hilly slopes, the stretches of forests and mountains on the horizon, one could even speak of a whole symphony. History, art and nature waft over the city and the valley like a chord enchanted by its own harmony.'

This was the way Erich Kästner experienced his hometown. This is the way I experience my hometown and also the way I want you to experience Dresden.

When Dresden first comes into view its astonishing appearance will take your breath. So let the beauty, charm and loveliness of our unique city also enchant you.

I look forward to accompany you on your pilgrimage.
Faithfully yours,
Karina Schumann